Electro Mechanic Parsian Company (EMPC)

Active in directional drilling

About Us

The regional location and resources available in Iran have given rise to a high priority of drilling services. Therefore, exploiting such an excellent situation and the possibility of employing Iranian forces to provide drilling services, Electro Mechanic Parsian Company (EMPC) was established in 1383 in ahvaz. The skilled human resources and EMPC Drilling Services’ international records have made it possible for the company to supply itself with the world’s latest equipment from Canada and Europe, in order to provide the best services; and therefore, to reach the desired position in drilling industry.

Subject of company activity in accordance with the Statute

Activity in the field of Technical & engineering Services, Design, Selling & buying, perform (E.P.C), manufacturing & securing several kinds of Industrial Machineries & Parts & Equipment & Maintenance,
Rebuilding & Installation & part and Participation in downstream and upstream projects of Gas, Petroleum Industries, Drilling, Petrochemical & Power Plant and related Industries Development & Construction, offering public services in the fields of Financial, Administrative, business, Exports & Imports. Getting & taking Legal agency from Domestic & abroad companies, conducting contractual & Consultant affairs & other support fields, Management & executive & supervising on Industrial Materials & goods securing,
Educating & employing & securing the skilled forces interstate & abroad and conducting necessary activities for Researches, creating, updating & transfer the Technology, after obtaining the necessary permissions.

Our Services

EMPC Drilling Services is a private directional and horizontal drilling company. We design trajectories based on various parameters including anti-collision, BHA requirements, torque/drag and hydraulics. Anti-collision checks are performed. Our selection of positive displacement motors are available to operate within a wide spectrum of hole sizes, flow rates, and drilling conditions. All motor configurations are suited to the specific drilling conditions for each application, which results in high penetration rates and excellent reliability. We focus on technological solutions in the directional, measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling.


employment of the most expert human resources to perform faster and cheaper preferred services
use of the best equipment that can be supplied
operating repair and maintenance services at the best possible location in order to create facilities prompt repair services and equipment preparation at all times at the desired customer site.


 Short-term goal of the company is to fill the gap of this service in the oil industry.
Medium-term goals include mutual cooperation with work owners and influential presence in the market as one of the accepted and trustworthy tools for customer companies.
Long-term goals include presence in the region’s international markets and obtaining the absolute trust of customers as the best cooperative group.


Attaining at least 20% share of this market in Iran and operate as one of the primary players in the drilling industry in 5 years. Establish mutual trust with customers.

Among our pre-job planning services:
Detailed well planning
BHA and drillstring design
Hydraulics calculations
Mud motor application
Bit performance
Wireline-steering tool (Gyro)

Our services also include:
Well planning/engineering to meet drilling performance targets
Directional drilling packages
Downhole motor technology
Well site directional drilling supervision
Exploratory and development re-entry drilling
Downhole guidance services

Our Services

We offer a complete package of premium drilling products and services:

Directional Drilling Services
PTDS utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to provide the following services:
Directional Drilling
Horizontal Drilling
Multi-Lateral Drilling
Re-Entry Services
Straighthole Performance Drilling
Straighthole Deviation Control
Engineering Expertise, PTDS’s team of highly trained professionals blends the industry’s most advanced technology with years of experience in directional and horizontal drilling. The result is a solution that is custom designed for your unique situation. In this process, we work closely with customers to consider the economics and risk factors and understand the challenges of each project in order to reach the intended target.

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